Rhetoric on the Internet:
The Screen as Rhetorical Space

A Summary



John O'Connor, Dean of New Century College, building on Sparrowís comments, talked about the emergence of genres on the web, highlighting a particular rhetorical event on a school or college website known as ėthe Deanís Welcome.î Placing his analysis within the context of what he called ėgeneralization on the web,î he illustrated how deans from different institutions presented themselves in their web pages and how the content and style of the page related to the particular institution. He also tried to track the ways in which a reader might discern the collegiate or institutional subtext through a comparison of different web pages. For example, he used his welcome as Dean of New Century College, which had links and text but not his photograph, to show how the immediate access to links attempted to express the integral role that computer-based communication plays in NCC.


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