An Interview with Paras Kaul: Part 2
by Sean Johnson Andrews and Mel Nichols

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The following clips are from an interview with Paras Kaul wherein she was nice enough to give //:english matters access to her artistic process. It allows those unfamiliar with this kind of technology the ability to see how it works. The clips are rather large so readers might consider waiting until they have a good connection to download or watch the files. If you are using a LAN, DSL or Broadband connection, it may take a minute to load; if you are using a 56K or lower connection you may have a long wait ahead of you.

For PCs, right click, "save as," and play in Quicktime or left click for the movie to play in a new window.

Description Clip - Size
Kaul begins to calm down and make music.

Movie 1 -

A sample of Kaul making brain wave music.

Movie 2

Kaul explains the effect that playing on the keyboard has on her as she concentrates.

Movie 3
As she plays a note on the keyboard, the patterns emitted by her brain. Both the graphic display and the music are affected. Movie 4
After recording her brain wave activity, Paras reviews the session. Movie 5
Paras explains the graphic display of her brain wave activity and its relation to the music she creates. Movie 6
A few more moments of her recorded session.

Movie 7


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