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considers hypermedia writing and scholarship for publication throughout the year. The work need not conform to the subject matter of a specific issue. Web-based work may be submitted by sending a URL via email, but once accepted for publication the author/s must provide a zip or cd version of the files by mailing them to the address below. Published work must reside on our server indefinitely for archival purposes (it may reside on your personal site simultaneously). Issues are published twice yearly.

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#9: Copyright and its Alternatives

://English Matters is also currently seeking contributions for its upcoming
issue 9, Copyright and its Alternatives. This issue will build on
several of the concerns addressed in issue 8 (Texts and Technology).
The technologies of literary and artistic creation and distribution
have begun to mature, raising questions of fair use, access, ownership,
licensing, and ultimately control of intellectual property.

The traditional academic concept of "Fair Use" is changing as it is
being redefined by interests outside of academe. Similarly, artistic
notions of (re)appropriation are coming under increased legal scrutiny.
Artists, educators, librarians, and other information technicians are
under increased pressure to justify their best practices. Projects such
as the Creative Commons, the Public Library of Science, and MIT's
OpenCourseWare project are attempts to find alternatives to the
"all-or-nothing" copyright regime currently in place.

This issue will attempt to address these concerns, and we invite
essays, multimedia / new media works, and interviews which address
copyright and alternatives in the digital era. We hope to place all
material for this issue under a Creative Commons
Attribution–Non-commercial License.

Send submissions (HTML preferred) and queries to

In the meantime, explore Siva Vaidhyanathan's article "Copyright as Cudgel."

#10: Visual Culture (Fall 2004)

#11: Links and Linking (Spring 2004)