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Performance and Technology: An IntroductionMel Nichols <7>
Before and After: An Introduction to Gender and Technology Devon Hodges<6>
Text|Image|Sound: An Introduction Devon Hodges<5>
Why Reading is Back: An Introduction David Kaufmann<4>
Rhetoric is Back: An Introduction Hans Bergmann <3>
Introduction to the Fiction & Hyper Media Issue Hans Bergmann <2>


Personal Reflections
Richard Bausch, et al. <4>

George Mason University Students Respond English Students from English 202 and 325 <4>

A High School Teacher Considers Canon and Curriculum: or, Wherefore Art Thou Still Teaching Romeo and Juliet? Mary Gallager <4>

Reading Books: 12th Graders Talk About How and Why They Read Danielle Heyman Feist & Seniors <4>

Read To Me: Pages From a Scrapbook Patricia Lukens <4>

Computers and Composition at George Mason University: A Brief History Ruth Fischer <3>

Enhanced Digital Text for English
201 Kenneth Thompson <3>

Excavating the Subject
Jim Henry <3>

Hype - Hyphen - Hypertext: Hypertext Fiction in the Classroom
Dean Taciuch <2>

Hypertext Fiction: Reading and Writing in Cyberspace Mark Wallace & Rachelle Heller <2>

It Was As if The Story Was Alive Lesley Smith <2>

Online Journals: Making the Visual Visible in Academic Writing
Anne Aronson<3>

Repitition, Noise & Pleasure, or Why I Like John Yau and Lisa Jarnot

David Kaufmann <1>



Desktop Intonarumori: A Hypertext Collage
an excerpt from the multimedia cd-rom Words In Freedom, Mel Nichols<4>

Media Bytes: First Loves Recordings of E. Ethelbert Miller and Eric Pankey <4>

Walney Road: Digital Storytelling Margaret Yocom, Zofia Burr, and Mel Nichols <4>

Student Hypertext Essays: An Introduction Dean Taciuch <4>

86 Aprons @ the Speed of Love Up To Your Elbows <1>

American Short Stories -
A Re/Presentation Hans Bergmann
and his students <2>

Humours Zofia Burr and Nickie Bock<1>

Little Box Book Poems Allison Cobb<1>

Long Strange Day
Kyle Marx, Jeremy Williams, & Martin Wright <3>

Rhetoric On the Web: A multimedia discussion of the web as a rhetorical space. F.L.Carr <3>

Trouble Shot Martin Wright <3>

Weepers Lee Riley-Hammer & Mel Nichols <2>


An Interview with Mark Bernstein, hypertext publisher
F.L. Carr <3>


<1> Poetry on the Internet with Reviews Brian Barker & Carol Mirakove

<2> Review of Fiction and Hypermedia Brian Barker

<3> Review of Computers & Writing Sites on the Internet Brian Barker

<4> Reviews of Reading Matters sites on the Internet Susan Gardner-Dillon

Media Bytes

<1> Short Videos of Lucille Clifton and Stanely Kunitz

<2> Short Videos on Hyperfiction; Alan Cheuse, Steve Goodwin,
Bill Miller

<3> Short Video of Joel Foreman & Reply by Ginger Montecino

classroom materials

3 Part Assignment Zofia Burr <1>

80 Works Peter Klappert <1>
Death Fugue Lesley Smith <1>
The Poet's Notebook Carolyn Forché<1>
Poetry in Motion David Kaufmann <1>