Poetry on the Internet
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Humours   Zofia Burr and Nickie Bock: photos of an installation with poetry by Zofia Burr
The Little Box Book Poems   Allison Cobb: click on the on the image series to enter. Design by Mel Nichols.
86 Aprons @ the Speed of Love   Up To Your Elbows: ...is cornucopian crock pot of supersonic subatomic stew.

feature essay


Repetition, Noise and Pleasure, or Why I like John Yau and Lisa Jarnot

  David Kaufmann: Poems are unlikely goods in any number of ways...

classroom materials

Poet's Notebook   Carolyn Forché: Special Topics in Writing, Fall 1998 syllabus
Three-Part Assignment

  Zofia Burr: ...a three-part assignment designed to make it possible for the student to engage a poem deeply on her/his own terms...
Death Fugue   Lesley Smith:  a Paul Celan poem in hypertext
Poetry In Motion

  David Kaufmann: notes for readers of poems
80 Works   Peter Klappert: create 80 poems in eight weeks

regular features
Links   Poetry on the Internet with reviews by Carol Mirakove and Brian Barker
Media Bytes   Short videos of Lucille Clifton and Stanley Kunitz
Events   Calendar of performances, readings, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
Contributors   List of contributors for Spring 1999