Here is a representative sample of links about Visual Culture:


Unofficial Calvin Klein Ads Archive

The name says it all: an archive of Calvin Klein advertisements from magazine print to billboards, grouped by model or product, including not only thumbnails but ad listing information. An interesting repository of visual gender identities from that commericial pioneer of androgeny in the United States.

Library of Congress: American Memory collection

This Library of Congress project provides a digital record of American history through various ephemera--still and moving images, maps, prints, manuscripts and spoken words. It features over 100 thematic collections from Advertising to Women's History, complete with sub-categories and a solid search engine for easier researching.

Godey's Lady's Book

Based out of the University of Vermont, this site houses two collections from the most popular American magazine dedicated to "women's interests": one containing selected fashion plates, illustrations, literary notices and editorials, which includes commentary on items depicted; and another directly linked to UVM's collection of 3 complete, fully digitized issues of Godey's dating from 1855 and 1 partial issue from 1852.

This self-proclaimed "free visual database of magazine covers from the 19th and early 20th centuries" explores how the popular illustrators of that period influenced and reflected society. The site is divided into magazine categories for navigation that go beyond artist and magazine to include publishers, writers, and editors. No search function, unfortunately--still, a reasonably-sized and growing archive.


RSAP - Research Society for American Periodicals

A scholarly based organization dedicated to American Periodicals that provides an excellent gateway to researching most any periodical, as well as handy links to three major university digital archives.



A web-blogish online journal that explores the rapidly changing "landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves," with a keen focus on television and pop cultural studies. Open to contributors and proposals. One neat feature is that readers can respond to the articles they read with the option of posting discussion comments after each feature.


Zephyr Gallery - Liz Watkins

A sub-gallery of artist Liz Watkins, depicting representations of the female form.


Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads

This collection of Broadside Ballads, dubbed the Ballads Project, is housed at the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford and has over 30,000 holdings gathered in a single relatively easy to use catalog. All the thumbnails are linked to full-sized, high quality image scans and are accompanied by abstracts on each piece. Also included are a handful of MIDI files of the actual ballads themselves. The site offers a detailed search function and an iconographic index in order to find what you need. Good resource for research on popular literature, music, social, and print histories.


Alex Grey

Website of visual artist Alex Grey which seeks a sort of intersection between the visual and the spiritual. Or, at the very least, altered states of consciousness.


Ramiro Rodriguez

Another artist website, featuring woodcuts, paintings, and drawings. Both image galleries and commercial enterprising.