Hypermedia Writing
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An Introduction to Hypermedia Writing  

a collaborative hypertext in progress...
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Lee Riley-Hammer
and Mel Nichols

American Short Stories--a Re/Presentation
stories interpreted for the web by Sarah Bowen, Kathryn Burrows, Kathleen Clare, Rebecca Davidson, Sonia Miller, Kevin Pachas, Heather Rosso, Mary-Gretchen Sweet, Emily Symonds, Sabrina Tillman, Emily Woodward


English 414 at
George Mason University
taught by Hans Bergmann
Mark Wallace and
Rachelle Heller
Hypertext Fiction: Reading and Writing in Cyberspace

Hype - Hyphen - Hypertext: Hypertext Fiction in the Classroom

Dean Taciuch
It Was As If The Story Were Alive    
Lesley Smith
regular features          
Reviews of Fiction and Hypermedia on the internet by Brian Barker
Short videos on Hyperfiction by Alan Cheuse, Bill Miller, and Steve Goodwin.
Media Bytes    
Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
List of contributors
for Fall 1999