Online Journals: Making the Visual Visible in Academic Writing

By Anne Aronson
Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Minnesota

  This essay examines the ways in which academic journals on the web use visual media as part of their presentation and message. While most online journals minimize the visual by reproducing the visually bankrupt page of the print journal on screen, more and more electronic journals are using visual media as an integral part of their design. In merging words and images, these journals are changing the way we read and process academic text.

Looking AT and looking THROUGH
The Visual as Invisible in Online Journals
Visual/Verbal Integration #1: Webtext as Visual Text
Visual/Verbal Integration #2: Academic Writing as Grunge
Visual/Verbal Integration #3: Visual Structure and the Online Journal
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Special thanks to technical communications graduate student Laura Merilatt for helping me with the technical and visual challenges of moving this paper from print to screen.