Computers and Writing 
<Spring 2000 >  <Issue 3>


Rhetoric is Back: An Introduction

Hans Bergmann
for the Editorial Collective


  Rhetoric On the Web: A multimedia discussion of the web as a rhetorical space. Anne Agee, Hans Bergmann, Peter Denning, John O'Connor, Leslie Smith, Jim Sparrow
Trouble Shot
by Martin K. Wright

Long Strange Day by Kyle Marx, Jeremy Williams, Martin K. Wright

Student exhibits created in New Century College's Text and Hypertext course in the Fall 1999 Semester, taught by Lesley Smith at George Mason University


  An interview with Mark Bernstein, hypertext publisher Mark Bernstein and F.L. Carr

  Online Journals: Making the Visual Visible in Academic Writing
Anne Aronson
  Computers and Composition at George Mason University: A Brief History
Ruth Fischer
  Excavating the Subject Jim Henry
Enhanced Digital Text for English 201

Kenneth C. Thompson
regular features
  Links Review of Computers and Writing sites on the internet by Brian Barker

Media Bytes

Short video of Joel Foreman & Reply by Ginger Montecino
  Events Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
  Contributors List of contributors for Winter 2000