Reading Matters

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Why Reading Matters: An Introduction

  David Kaufmann for the editorial collective



Desktop Intonarumori: A Hypertext Collage
an excerpt from the multimedia cd-rom Words In Freedom 
Mel Nichols (This piece requires Shockwave and sound capabilities.)

Media Bytes: First Loves

  Recordings of E. Ethelbert Miller and Eric Pankey as they read the poems that inspired them.

Walney Road: Digital Storytelling   Margaret Yocom, Zofia Burr, and Mel Nichols

Student Hypertext Essays: An Introduction

            by Garth Dubin
            by Betty Dailly
            by Hue Ky


Essays created in Dean Taciuch's Enhanced Digital Text in English class at George Mason University.

Why Reading Matters: Readers respond to the question, why does reading matter today?

Personal Reflections

  Richard Bausch, Alan Cheuse, Barbara Melosh, Eileen Sypher, and Tracy Springberry
George Mason University Students Respond

  English Students from English 202 and 325

A High School Teacher Considers Canon and Curriculum: or, Wherefore Art Thou Still Teaching Romeo and Juliet?

  Mary Gallager

Reading Books: 12th Graders Talk About How and Why They Read: A Powerpoint Presentation

  Danielle Heyman Feist & Seniors

Read To Me: Pages From a Scrapbook

  Patricia Lukens

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  Reviews of Reading Matters sites on the Internet by Susan Gardner-Dillon
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  Speech Accent Archive: An archive of recorded English Accents

  Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
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