Hyptertext Essays: An Introduction
Dean Taciuch

hese three student projects demonstrate creative and critical uses of hypertext technology. The students in this section of English 201 had to produce an initial "Enhanced Digital Text" for the CAS 101 plug-in. This text also received a grade in the English 201 course. The CAS 101 course lasts only four weeks, so the next project in the 201 was a standard printed essay. The final project for the 201 was another digital text.

Since the students had written one digital text and one print text, I asked them to consider the differences between these media and to produce a final project that could only work as a digital text. If I could print it without losing anything important, I told them, then they hadn't done it correctly. These three projects were among the best in the class.

Editor's note: To learn more about the Enhanced Digital Text in English class at George Mason University, read Dean Taciuch's essay on the subject in Inventio.