Banned Books and Censorship Resources

This site is committed to the discussion of censorship in its many forms. Freedom of expression is emphasized in not only the publishing of books, but in the media, US law, and obvious consumer/citizen who is affected by such laws and restrictions of censorship. This site links to the Freedom of Information Act, selective print resources, global censorship information as well as many organizations and sites with anti-censorship sentiments, as well as many banned book references and resources.


Don't have time to read it all? Book-A-Minute is the ultra-web alternative to reading. This comic site proclaims to have the most ultra-condensed versions of texts ever written. The essence of the featured books takes the reader but one moment to decipher, and in a minute you can read from Shakespeare to Orwell. This site covers many classic novels, as well as some science-fiction and fantasy, and children's bedtime stories.

Northwestern University/Evanston Research Park, Evanston, Il

This book information portal to the web is an excellent resource for all ages, with genres and forums for reading, and writing including electronic texts as well as ebooks. simplifies the search for online texts, book reviews, reading lists, author and publisher information, online reading groups, book stores, book news, events and more.

Centre for Textual Studies; Computers and Texts on the Internet
CTI Centre for Textual Studies, Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford

This journal asks, 'Can Information Technology really help us to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom? What are the practical and pedagogic implications of the Virtual Seminar? What modes of learning will be expected by the next generation of students?' Computers & Texts is a yearly hypertextual journal/newsletter of the CTI Centre for Textual Studies with many different resources of literature analysis, attentive to the broader and ever growing network of the new technology.

Electronic Literature Organization

Facilitation and promotion literature designed for the electronic media and planned programs with news about publishing ventures, awards, and other important e-lit happenings.

Everything New York,

"Magazines designed for the discriminating reader, and other sites that cater to diverse interests. By the neighborhood. Your Single Culture Connection for EVERYTHING NEW YORK"

A merged site of several journals which connect through interlinking and story sharing; a true hyperfied way of webmastering! The journals include but are not limited to the Greenwich Village Gazette, Poetry, & The Manhattanite. Other sites feature art and NYC culture. This site is definitely not limited to Manhattanites alone, but the larger world community in the news section on the gazette as well as the online poetry and fiction journals which accept and publish submissions both nationally and internationally. This is a great read for those looking for new writers and just published works of prose, fiction and articles and features in the news, ranging from homelessness to the latest on Napster and Nader.


GLOSSARY OF POETIC TERMS is a unique guide for the study of poetry and features phonetic pronunciation cross references, a broad range of definitions, numerous examples of hyper-linked keywords & cross references a wealth of poetic quotations, and writers' guidelines.

The Iowa Review Web

The Iowa Review Web is a high quality, hypertextual e-journal compilations of poetry, fiction, academic/pedagogic, and book reviews.

Learning and Teaching In the Digital Age

A site devoted to "the challenges and opportunities of learning, teaching, and learning to learn in the age of computers." The articles are devoted to assisting readers make sense of the new digital environment.

The Museum of American Poetics

The purpose of the Floating Muse Bookstore is to bring the work of major experimental American poets, including works of the post-beat generation, to a wider audience than would ordinarily have access to their books and recordings. This a free service to poets and visitors to the Museum of American Poetics to encourage the tradition of Kerouac's idea of Pure Friendship.

The Best Minds Poetry Series features performances from diverse poet communities dedicated to unobscurate intensely vivid subject manufactured compassionate language. "Best Minds" refers to first line of "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997): "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked," and serves as clear-eyed voluminous cocktail party coffee house virtual theater to dispel world paranoia.

The Museum of American Poetics' exhibit space is dedicated to visual and textual material related to the lives of poets and/or their works of art. Exhibits can be of individual poets, periods, movements or schools. They may also be of source materials, such as original drafts, final texts of poems, books, tapes, correspondence, or artifacts (tools of production or performance, clothing, personal items, furniture, etc.). We encourage entries of all genres.

National Education Association's Read Across America Homepage

NEA is America's oldest and largest organization committed to advancing the cause of public education. Founded in 1857 in Philadelphia and now headquartered in Washington, D.C., NEA proudly claims 2.5 million members who work at every level of education, from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliates in every state as well as in over 13,000 local communities across the United States.

Anyone who works for a public school district, a college or university, or any other public institution devoted primarily to education is eligible to join NEA. NEA also has special membership categories for retired educators and college students studying to become teachers.

New England Reading Association

The New England Reading Association (NERA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to engage in the following activities: Promote and support the improvement of reading on local, state, and regional levels, support quality and effective reading/language arts instruction, disseminate information of ideas, pertinent research, practices, and strategies, foster the opportunity for networking.

Representatives for the six New England states join to share ideas, research, and leadership. NERA promotes literacy by awarding and sponsoring State Book Projects, an Annual Conference, the Durrell, Cooper and Crossley Research Scholarships, Special Recognition Awards, and the Helen A. Murphy Memorial Teaching Mini-Grants.

Romanticism On the Net

Romanticism On the Net is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal devoted to romantic studies. The peer-review system means that at least two members of the editorial board read submissions and write readers' reports. Less than a third of the submissions have been published since the creation of the journal four years ago, with more than two-thirds of these going through at least one revision before publication. Each article contains the information from the Modern Language Association for referring to an electronic publication. (see here the MLA's guidelines for citation of online resources). This quarterly journal is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.'

Shakespeare on the Net

This is very neat and interesting interactive site. Perhaps it takes a computer hacker to invent a Shakespeare hacker! This is a great way to go deeper into the author's very words, and at the same relative frequency in which used them even! Perhaps an adaptation for cyberspace will be created at some time during this new millennium!


Surf to Wingnut--etc.'s interactive poetry site, and find one very addictive poetry/play station in magnetic poetry style. Create your own poem using the provided words listed under: small stuff, conjunctions, prepositions, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. A great forum for dissecting language, or viewing and judging others 'cybernetic' poetic works. An archive search brings up many poems of past months, and even visit the 'top 20' list of voted favorites from viewers like yourself.

Women's Writing

Women's Writing is an international journal focusing on women's writing before about 1900. The Editors welcome theoretical and historical perspectives, and contributions that are concerned with gender, culture, race and class. The journal aims to open up a forum for dialogue, discussion and debate about the work of women writers, and to reflect the diversity of scholarship that can be brought to bear on this area of study.

Articles in this journal are abstracted/indexed in America: History and Life; Annotated Bibliography for English Studies; British Humanities Index; Feminist Periodicals; Gay & Lesbian Abstracts; Historical Abstracts; MLA International Bibliography; Periodica Islamica; Sociological Abstracts; Studies on Women Abstracts;Women's Resources International; Women's Studies Index

Web Access for the Disabled
Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL

"There are 40 million people with disabilities in the U.S., and many of them have problems that keep them from using a carelessly designed Web page. This isn't because the techniques to make pages disable accessible aren't available, but rather it's because Web designers don't think of the problems that they may be creating." --Netscape World, August, 1996

This is a necessary site, especially in the growing age of technology and the direction which publishing is taking online, which includes library info, subject links and research tips. All electronic sites should have full accessibility for all readers, and this site is an excellent resource for teachers, students and webmasters alike and highlights the growing needs of Accessibility Validators,Adaptive Technologies, Federal Legislation, and Writing Accessible Websites.