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<spring 2001> <issue 5>


TEXT | IMAGE | SOUND: An Introduction

  Devon Hodges for the editorial collective


Maternal Exposure   Monica Bock & Zofia Burr: A mixed media exploration of the project of motherhood.

Silence and Darkness: A Live Movie for the Cell Phone Age [A multimedia archive of a live performance piece.]   Gail Scott White and Kirby Malone of Digital Poetry Theater
Nice Guys Finish   Aviva Christy's hypertext poem translated to the web by Emily Lu
Rod Smith's mixed-media poem translated to the web by Emily Lu

Voices for Stella

  Steven Weinberger: Create your own symphony of voices with recordings from the Speech Accents Archive

Visual Poetry
Dean Taciuch

regular features

Media Bytes   GMU's New Media Group in English Forms Educational Alliance with Oakton High School. Learn about the latest project.


  Reviews of related sites on the Internet by F.L. Carr
Modules   Plug-in teaching modules designed to use with ://english matters. Two new modules featured in this issue.

  Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
Contributors   List of contributors to Issue 5