Silence and Darkness

  Performed by Multimedia Performance Studio, Silence and Darkness is a live movie—multimedia performance which integrates live action, song and dance, with digital projections and sound design. Silence and Darkness depicts a world in which humans attempt to connect in the flesh,enmeshed in a techno-sphere of cell phones and satellite dishes, chat rooms and web servers, artificial intelligences and content providers. It is a "live movie," a fragmented space-age story of love and desire. Kirby Malone writes that "animated video projections construct a sort of 'poor man's virtual reality' in which cell phoners swarm for corporate barracks around ghostly prom queens behaving like 18th century automata, caught in a world that is no longer ever silent or dark." The performance is punctuated by passages from Jean Baudrillard's Simulations, Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle, Heiner Muller's HamletMachine, and Robert Waters' "Welcome to the Machine."