Gender and Technology
<winter/spring 2002> <issue 6>



  Devon Hodges for the editorial collective


Se_mantics   Claudia Herbst, The Pratt Institute: a shockwave-powered meditation on the way that the field of digital technology has been masculine from its beginning.
Computer Addiction as A Gendered Phenomenon   Lori Reed, University of Rhode Island, provides a new look at computer addiction.



Hypertext from ://esocentric

Never Woman by Kaia Sand and Susan Gardner-Dillon
Color by Jason Nelson
Los Dias,
Ghost Fields,
An Empty Doll Space
Francesca da Rimini,
Ricardo Dominguez,
and Michael Grimm
Review/explication of Los Dias by editor Susan Gardner-Dillon (reprinted from So to Speak)






Five new hypertexts featured in the forthcoming premier issue of ://esocentric, a graduate student publication of hypertext and hypermedia writing and art, edited by Susan Gardner-Dillon with assistance from Carolyn Forch

special features


September 11 Exhibit   Compiled by Sean Johnson Andrews, this site features many recent reactions to the events of September 11.
The Men of Jaji   Masuda A. Mohamadi, a creative writing MFA student at George Mason University, shares a chapter of her book which tells the story of her family's escape from Afghanistan in 1979 and, particularly, of the selfless men who helped guide them through the mountains to safety.


September 11 Memorial Designs Students from Liam Callanan's Honors 121: Reading Cultural Signs course at George Mason University present their concepts for a memorial to the victims of September 11.

regular features


  Reviews of related sites on the Internet by Sean Johnson Andrews

Plug-in teaching modules designed to use with ://english matters.


  Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
Contributors   List of contributors to Issue 6