Here is a collection of links that represent a sample of what is available online about Gender and Technology.


Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Gender Pages Index

Though the group doesn't seem to be active anymore, the Palo Alto chapter of the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) still maintains this archive of articles, links, conferences, and job listings. It is a useful resource, particularly for getting ideas about computer science careers and finding some of the businesses that might be good starting points for job searches.

University of Iowa Communication Studies Program - Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in the Media

This site includes 14 categories of links, including Advertising, Feminist media, LesBiGay, which address different aspects of race, gender, and ethnicity in the media. This site is only one division of the many Cultural-Studies-influenced UI Communication Studies web resources, but it is impressive in itself and well worth a look. Computing Group to study the Gender Gap in Computer Science is an online magazine spcializing in women's issues. This is a feature in that magazine on a groups studying the gender gap in computer sciences. Both the article and the magazine itself are worth looking over. The magazine offers new features every week as well as providing the usual essentials--horoscopes, tech tips, and advice on money, law, "hearth and home." The article provides some relevent statistics on the number of women in computer science related fields relative as they relate to men and compares their payscales.


An online journal which specializes in "essays about gender and sexuality
in relation to social, political, artistic and economic concerns." There are several interesting essays in this journal which cover an array of gender related issues.

Though more of a topic-related search parge, has many of its own resources. Many of the subject pages have relevent texts and bibliographic information or even full-text articles. They are also accompanied by a link to a related site at the top of the page. In many cases there is also a link to or that will also let you buy the text at a discounted rate.

Media Watch

The ultimate goal of this Canadian group, according to their website, is to, "eliminate sexism in the Media." They provide background information on what they feel the problems are with "the Media" and outline a platform for positive representation of women. While the focus is mainly on Canadian media, but the ideas they present have a more global significance.


Association of College and Research Libraries Women and Gender Studies Science and Technology Web Sites

This site provides a variety of resources on the subject of women and gender in science and technology. There are several helpful bibliographies at the end and the listings of professional organizations and academic groups are quite interesting. Many of the connected sites are also worth taking a look at.

Gender and Sex on the Web

This site is predominantly a collection of online scholarly articles on the topics of Gender and Sex on the Web. Many are from online journals or from scholarly journals with online editions. They were collected by the CyberStudies Resources WebRing at The University of Newcastle in Australia. Though there aren't many articles listed from the 21st century, there are many from the mid to late nineties that represent a swath of the issues being discussed then and now.

The Gender Inn

Its not the prettiest little Inn in the web, but it has some good bibliographies and links. It is the internet equivalent to a nice roadside motel or a small German hostel (in fact there is a German version which is probably more grammatically correct)--functional and worth the stop, but without the fancy towels or the mint on your pillow. The bibliographies are all up to date and the resources they include are extensively crosslisted by subject headings. A simple query will show you a list of some pertinent articles and from there you can find similar articles. Handy, but, to re-emphasize, not pretty. It is worth opening the links "In a New Window" so that you can see it all at once outside of the the frameset.



According to the site, "GenDevTech aims to increase the visibility of gender and technology issues in Asia, by consolidating the links between gender studies and technology studies." This is an interesting and potentially important project. The site contains a project overview and related links. In the publications section, there is also information on the project's journal, Gender, Technology and Development (GTD), which has some insightful articles. The other resources are also quite useful for getting a better idea of what is being written and studied in Asia. It also has many resources from Africa.