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  Mel Nichols for the editorial collective


Walney Road   Margaret Yocom explores how the resources of the internet and other digital technologies help us translate an orally-told tale into a printed-word-based format with the story Walney Road. Ed Holsinger assists in telling the story as a Flash movie.

Paras Kaul—Brain Wave Chick

OOO  A collection of interviews, links, and audio and video clips related to George Mason's resident brain-wave artist.
Reneé Brozic—Taking Liberties (Home)   Reneé Brozic brings text and dance into an interface that allows the audience to control the sequence as they read her performance.

special features

Interview with Angela Weaver   Lorraine Brown of George Mason University speaks with Artist, Educator, and Playwright Angela Weaver about her views on the American theatre today and the place of miltimedia in it.
Drama Matters   A Commentary on the current state of the theatre written by Lorraine Brown

hypermedia poetry

The Memoirs of P.J. Morris III (Unabridged Up to the First Grade)   Daryl Eurich
Untitled   Jeff Lee
A Letter to Lou Lou   Christina Nienabar

i am a soft drink (becoming incestuous among the cracked peanut shells)


Willam Rees

Growth/Anger/Love/Regret   Colleen Ruppert

regular features


  Reviews of related sites on the Internet by Sean Johnson Andrews

Plug-in teaching modules designed to use with ://english matters.


  Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
Contributors   List of contributors to English Matters