Paras Kaul
by Sean Johnson Andrews

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Paras Kaul ( is a neural artist/researcher, multimedia composer, web coordinator, and educator at George Mason University. With the use of a brain wave interface to the computer, she uses neural data to compose music on an electronic keyboard.

For this issue, Paras has helped us to put together a few features to show off the work she is doing with "brain wave music."

First we have the transcript of an interview with her in which she discusses her background in art, technology, and different states of consciousness. It is quite interesting to hear her talk about these issues as they relate to her art. She also sheds new light on her most recent project, Peace Streams, as well as giving a tentative description of what her next project will be.

Then we have video from a second interview so that viewers at home can see the process of making brain wave music. Certainly our being there influenced the artist's ability to concentrate and really involve herself in the project, but nevertheless, it gives a general idea of how Paras goes about her work.

Finally, we have some more sound clips and still frames from her work along with some links to her full movies, a past performance at the Kennedy Center, interviews with WIRED Magazine and Studio 360, and, most importantly, information on how you can make your own brain wave music.

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