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  These are screenshots from Paras' latest composition, Peace Streams.  


Audio Clips


Below are some audio clips from the session that Mel and Sean attended.

You will need a Real Player to hear these clips. If you are using a LAN, DSL or Broadband connection, it may take a minute to load; if you are using a 56K or lower connection, you may have a long wait ahead of you. Clips 1, 2, and 3 are all separate tracks that Paras recorded. Clip 4 is a combination of those 3 tracks that Paras has mixed for ://english matters. Angel beats is another composition that Paras is letting us feature here on the site.

Clip 1 (555 KB)

Clip 2 (1.3 MB)

Clip 3 (1.8 MB)

Clip 4 (1.8 MB)

Angel Beats (7.9 MB)




If you are interested in seing the entire "Peace Streams" movie, you can go to this website that Paras has set up <> or find the Sonic Circuits 2002 performance at the Kennedy Center. They have a streaming movie online there and you can find Paras' presentation at about 30:00 into the performance--or you can watch all the performances. And go here for more information on Sonic Circuits.

After you have viewed "Peace Streams," be sure to read the program notes that go with it.

This is Paras' website; and here's her resume.

Here is an article on Paras that appeared in WIRED magazine

IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) Technologies, Inc. is the company that makes the brain-wave interface that Paras uses to make her music.

Watch this space for more information on Paras' interview with studio 360.


  These are screenshots from Paras' latest composition, Peace Streams.  





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