Reneé Brozic
by Mel Nichols   

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Reneé Brozic is a dancer and choreographer who recently started her own dance company, movement/addiction, in Washington, DC. She has long used text and technology in her work and recently met with Mel Nichols to discuss her background in dance, text, poetry, intermedia, and technology with particular emphasis on her work Taking Liberties (Home).

Ms. Brozic has been performing and choreographing in the Baltimore/DC Metro area since 1995. She has a Master of Fine Arts from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County, both in Dance. She has performed with the Baltimore Dance Project, Phoenix Repertory Company, Boris Willis Moves, and Hartford Dance Theater, where she studied with Michelle White. She is a recipient of the Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts Fellowship, the UMBC Artist Scholar Award and Scholarship, and the George Mason University Excellence in Choreography Award.

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