Roger Lathbury founded Orchises Press since 1983. The company specializies in publishing original poetry and reprints of classic texts insufficiently or inadequately presented. He has taught courses in literature, writing, and editing at George Mason University since 1973.

Cynthia Patterson is a Doctoral Candidate in Cultural Studies and a Term Instructor in the English Department. She specializes in teaching computer-mediated composition and literature. A 2003-2004 Winterthur Research Fellow and 2003-2004 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Scholar in Residence, Cynthia is working on a book-length project titled 'A Taste of Refined Culture': Imag(in)ing the Middle Class in the Philly Pictorials of the 1840s and 50s.

Dr. Dean Taciuch has taught in the English Department at George Mason University since the late 20th century. His teaching and research interests include poetry and poetics, music, philosophy, and technology. He helped develop two courses in the English Department: English 209 (Enhanced Digital Texts) and English 343 (Textual Media). All of his online course material is available under a Creative Commons Attribution—Non-Commercial license.

He will be guest-editing issue 9 of English Matters , on Copyright and Alternatives.

Kenneth Thompson is Assistant Professor of English and coordinator of the Mason < >  Topics' Information Society Program at George Mason University. He is editing an online edition of Charles Hindley's Curiosities of Street Literature, a 19th century collection of broadside ballads, for the Electronic Text < >  Center at the University of Virginia. 

Brandon Wicks is the GTA for English Matters and is a second year candidate in George Mason University's Creative Writing MFA program.

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