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  Kenneth Thompson for the editorial collective

articles & exhibits

Dickens in Many Voices: Plagiarism and Appropriation in Literary History   Kenneth C. Thompson examines the benefits and consequences that come with technologies which enable mass exchange

The Avaricious and the Intransigent: A Match Made in London

OOO Professor and Publisher, Roger Lathbury explores the unseemly yet serendipitous underbelly of 19th century publishing
19th Century Technology & Culture: Imag(in)ing Class and Race in the Philly Pictorials   Cynthia Patterson presents a lovely foray into the crossed boundaries of literature, media, and culture as they arose in the 19th century
Give It Away Before Someone Takes It   Dean Taciuch breaks down the alarming reality of copyright law today and its ramifications with educational institutions

special features

Hypertext and Literary Form   Dean Taciuch's lecture on hypertext literature

Making an Electronic Text
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  A Powerpoint slide show on Archival Electronic Publishing by student Matt Messenger

hypermedia poetry

Plum Flowers: Poetry of Witness Pseudorandom Poem Generator   Student Todd Pitt brings new dimensions to the poetry of witness with his Pseudorandom Poem Generator

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  Reviews of related sites on the Internet by Brandon Wicks

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  Calendar of readings, performances, and exhibits in the Washington, DC area
Contributors   List of contributors to English Matters