Rosemary Chase is the Copyright Officer for the George Mason University Copyright Office.


Cory Doctorow is the European Outreach Coordinator for the EFF, an award-winning Science Fiction author, and weblogger. His novels Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Eastrn Standard Tribe, and his short story collection A Place So Foreign, are available on his website <> under Creative Common licenses. These are not self-published works; they are in print and in bookstores as well. He also co-edits the weblog BoingBoing.


Siva Vaidhyanathan is assistant professor of Culture and Communication at New York University. He is the author of Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001) and The Anarchist in the Library (Basic Books, 2004). Siva Vaidhyanathan also writes the weblog


Victoria Shelton is a Science Librarian at the Prince William campus library at George Mason University. She is also an MFA student in English at GMU.


Aaron Snitzer is currently a GMU student, bicyclist, blogger, and writer for GMU's Expulsion. His website is
His piece for this issue, Creative Commons: Illuminated was a project for Dr Taciuch's English 343 (Textual Media) class in Fall 2003.


Dean Taciuch, guest editor of this issue, has on the faculty of the George Mason University English Department in one capacity or another since 1991. He is obsessed with technology and copyright issues lately , so the New Media Group in English decided he should put this issue together. And so he has.
Dr. Taciuch's website is <>.